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Friday, 17 November 2017

7 Tips for Beginner Yogis

Be it for a fantastic physical appearance or for emotional well-being or even to get rid of a disease, yoga is attracting followers from across the globe! It is a wonder how this ancient science is finding takers - young and old - in this modern age. Maybe it is the result of hundreds of research studies claiming the numerous benefits of yoga or the evident feel-good feeling that comes with just an hour’s practice!

If you are one of those who’ve been recently smitten by this ancient practice, there are some tips that can help you before you start your yogic journey. These tips are as follows:

1.Take a yoga class: Some of instinctively start looking out on the internet when learning something new. But that propensity can backfire when it comes to yoga! You can injure yourself while beginning to do yoga on your own. So, it is best advised to take yoga instruction from a trained professional when just starting out.

2.Wear comfortable clothing: Yoga is a lot about stretches. So, it is best to avoid tight clothing like jeans. Rather, wear clothes in which your body can move in easily.

3.Do it on an empty stomach: It is best advisable to do yoga early in the morning on an empty stomach. If your schedule does not permit you to do it in the early hours, then do it in the evening before dinner and after 3 hours of the last meal.

4.Tell your yoga guide about your health condition: Certain postures are not advisable for people with certain health conditions and a history of any surgery. So, make sure you tell your yoga instructor about your health conditions, pain of any part of the body and about the surgeries you have undergone before you begin your yoga class. The instructor will be able to guide you and ensure you do not do postures which put you at risk.

5. Do not exert yourself : One of the most important rules of doing yoga is not to over-exert yourself. So, for instance if you are not able to touch your feet with your hands during a bend, then do not force yourself to do it. You should just exert yourself a little more from the last yoga practice session.

6.Start with some light exercises: When you start with some light exercises, your body becomes ready for the yoga poses ahead. Some light exercises that you can start with are neck rotation, arm rotation, wrist rotation, forward and backward bends.

7. Smile: No matter how hard a yoga posture is, smile through it. A smile relaxes the mind and enables you to enjoy the process of learning and doing. A smile also motivated your yoga guide to give their cent percent. So, resolve to smile through your yoga instruction.

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