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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Yoga : From the Eye of an Investor

“Mutual Funds are sub­ject to mar­ket risk. Please read the offer doc­u­ment care­fully before invest­ing”.

Aren’t we familiar with the above lines? The disclaimer which finds its place on all mutual fund policies, investment bonds, shares. This is not to discourage you from investing; it’s to make you understand where the fundamental of investments lies. You start somewhere with the fundamentals of investments and make a small start which gradually reaps you fruits in future. Keep an eagle’s eye on the market and you start tapping the market. Investment is all about wealth building. The wise used to consider health as one of the investment which urged them to come up with a proverb “health is wealth”. Yoga is a tool which can help you to invest you in health.
Everyone is becoming aware about yoga postures and its offerings. People have started realizing the importance of yoga.In both the fields the best practice is to start young. Autobiographies of great investors suggest that they started young. Autobiographies of yogis suggest they started young too. Both the practices need to have strong fundamentals to grow as change is the only permanent thing in this world. One helps to achieve things which matter in our daily life whereas the other helps you to reduce the list of things that matter in our daily life. End result – Savings. The list of similarities would go on because they both are so very closely connected and part of our day to day life. Here I try to put down a few observations which are useful whether you are at a stock exchange or at your yoga studio.
Yoga benefits are sub­ject to your own risk. Please start investing in yoga today”.

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