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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Simple Yoga Exercise Breathing

The a capella group Mosaic’s “Take Five” performance (see video below) is a talented demonstration of breath control. If we could only break into a riff every time we needed to truly take five during the day, life would be easy.

Easy because all that oxygen coursing through our blood would help us feel more connected to our creative and compassionate self. Pranayama, the extension of breath, is a Yogic discipline practiced to absorb and distribute the vital life energy, also known as Prana. As we slowly inhale, our body is filled with life-giving energy. Then, as we slowly exhale, our nervous system begins to relax and our reactions to internal tensions soften.

The yoga for exercise breathing below is very subtle. Yet, over time and with consistent practice, it becomes a very powerful tool for mental clarity, emotional balance, and physical health. Take Five and practice this yoga breathing technique throughout the day and before sleep. Make music through the cultivation of your own breath.

This simple breathing practice can be performed in five minutes—or up to five rounds.

• Sit upright in a comfortable position or lie on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor.

• Relax your abdomen and focus your attention there.

• As you inhale to a count of three, invite the belly region to fill up like a balloon in all directions with breath.

• As you exhale, slowly extend your breath to a count of three so that your abdomen naturally releases all the air out.

• Repeat

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